About us


Berhan Bank S.C was formed in accordance with Article 304 of the Commercial Code of Ethiopia with the objective of operating in the banking industry. This objective has been ensured in Article 3 of the Memorandum of Association of the Company. The Bank was registered and licensed by the National Bank of Ethiopia on 27 June 2009 with an authorized capital of 300 Million and subscribed capital of Birr

Having been registered and licensed by the National Bank of Ethiopia on 27th  June, 2009,   Berhan Bank S.C. got its start in 2009. With a branch network of 185 as at 31st October 2018, headquartered in Bole,  Addis Ababa today,  we operate in virtually all regional cities and in their respective major towns. Thanks to the dedication of our esteemed customers and 3,378 employees of ours, we serve more than 582,122 customers across the nation.

With our goal to make banking stress free and efficient, we invest in technology and innovations that enable our customers to reach their goals as in saving, investment, business or managing money. In addition to serving our customers at our networked branches, we offer electronic banking services such as Debit Cards allowing customers to access their accounts at any ATM machine nationwide, introduce Mobile Banking, with a plan to introduce Internet Banking and Agent Banking in the near future.

Beyond local banking services, we have also partnered with international money transfer companies such as Western Union, Money Gram, Ria, Dahabshiil, Trans-Fast, Xpress Money, Taran Express and World Remit.

The Bank’s capital base has also kept on showing a steady growth. At the end of June 30th 2018, its paid up capital reached Birr 1.7 million showing an increase of Birr 312.9 million or 22.4 percent over the previous year similar period. Moreover,  the number of shareholders has also significantly increased to over 14,879 making Berhan Bank the leading private commercial bank with such massive public base.



  • Sustained business growth
  • Quality customer service
  • High ethical standared
  • Confidentiality
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Conducive working environment for employees
  • Professionalism and team spirit , and
  • Innovation and learning organization





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