Berhan Bank started ATM service after joining Premiere Switch Solution s.c. (PSS) as a fourth member on April, 2014.PSS has the second huge ATM network in the country; all over the country PSS member Banks have around 230 ATMs and planned to increase tremendously every year. All Berhan card holders are able to use this network without any limitation

  • Our Bank has installed its own ATM at TK building, Saro Maria Hotel, CMC Rim 7 building and Eliana-Mall and planned to install all other the new ones, in highly visited commercial sites soon.
  • In addition to the normal ATM service, Berhan Bank ATMs provide Local remittance service where by Berhan cardholders will be able to send money to any of their families or friends; and the beneficiaries will be able to receive it from any of our ATMs available nearby. The unique feature of this service is that the beneficiaries will not be required to be our customer or to be a Berhan cardholder. The beneficiaries should necessarily be the holder of secret information given by the sender; then, the beneficiaries will be able to get the money from any of bank’s ATM.
  • Our Bank has completed all the necessary preconditions, which will enable the Bank to acquire international Master Card and VISA card; eventually our bank will let its esteemed customers to make use of it through our ATMs.



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