Berhan Commences Diaspora Banking Service

Berhan Diaspora

Berhan Bank is pleased to announce the commencement of Berhan Diaspora service. The service is designed to costume the desires of Ethiopian Nationals or Foreign Nationals of Ethiopia Origin, living and working abroad. This new service package includes, among others, deposit and loan services

Deposit Account for Diaspora

Deposits can be made in US Dollar (USD), Pound Sterling/GBP, and EUR as any Types of Diaspora Deposit accounts

  • Diaspora Saving Accounts –

It is a saving account changed in to Birr with smart interest rate which is double of local interest rate.

  • Diaspora Fixed Time Accounts –

It is fixed time account and deposited with Foreign currency .   

  • Diaspora Current Accounts
  • It is a kind of deposit accounts in foreign currency
  • To open an Account, the following choices are available.
  • In being present all the necessary documents to Berhan Bank branches.
  • Persons residing overseas can open the account in person, by communicating Berhan Bank’s agents  or by directly filling out the request form from the Bank’s website, and filling all the required information and presenting documents to the Ethiopian Embassies in their area for authentication and should be sent to Berhan Bank S.C. via courier.

Documents required

  1. Application forms properly filled and signed by the applicant with 2 recent photograph of the account holder must be attached,
  2. For Non-resident Ethiopians, resident permit/certification to confirm the Ethiopian National living and working abroad for more than one year and subject to renewal up on presentation of valid documents on a yearly basis.
  3. For Non-resident Ethiopians living and working in neighboring and Middle East countries, authenticated valid resident permit and/or valid work permit, by Ethiopian Embassies and legations residing abroad, subject to renewal up on presentation of valid documents on a yearly basis.
  4. For individuals, Copy of Resident ID and valid Passport (for Ethiopian national living abroad)
  5. For Business, Certificate of ownership entitlement for the organization and /or article and memorandum of association.

Types of Berhan Diaspora Loan Products

Diaspora Consumer Loan:

It is a lump sum or a phase by phase advance settled for the purpose of covering Ethiopian Diaspora’s urgent financial requirements.

Maximum Tenure (years) Minimum Equity Contr. Maximum Amount Birr Interest rate Collateral Remarks
5 years Not required


2,000,000 9%-12%


building, vehicle/ machine & shares certificate of financial institutions  

Diaspora Automobile Loan

It is a loan for the purchase brand new, second hand or used automobile for non-commercial purpose to be purchased in the name of the Diaspora or his/her spouse. Conditions applicable are :

Maximum Tenure (years) State of the vehicle Minimum Equity FCY Maximum Amount Birr Interest rate Collateral Remarks
10 years New 20% 4,000,000 9%-12%   vehicle or preferably a building  
  Used 20% 10%-13%

Diaspora Housing/ Mortgage Loan

It is a loan product made available for purchase &/or construction of new and renovation (repair) or expansion of existing residential building/ apartment/ flat. Conditions applicable are :

Maximum Tenure (years) Minimum Equity FCY Maximum Amount Birr Interest rate Collateral Remarks
15-20 years 20%


20,000,000 8.25%-11%



Diaspora – Business Loan

It is a kind of Term Loan (Working Capital and Project Financing) which will be granted to customers to be repaid within a exact period of time with interest. Conditions applicable are:

Maximum Tenure (years) Minimum Equity FCY. Maximum Amount Birr Interest rate Collateral Remarks
1-15 yrs 30%


Depending on the type of the business/proj 10.5% -14%


will be  Depend up on  the type of the business/project  

For more please call via our Telegram Channel  +251 954 57 57 57

To download the application form please click…/Diaspora-Account-Openning-Form.pdf 



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