Our Senior Management Team

Our Bank is led by a highly professional and competent Senior Management team who are committed to realize the underlying vision of Bank with utmost integrity

Learn a little more about our senior management team below.

Our Senior Management Team

Ato Abraham Alaro


Ato Ermias Tefera

Vice President – Corporate Strategy and Resource Mobilization

Ato Solomon Assefa

Vice President – Customer Service and Quality Assurance

Ato Amanuel Taddesse

Vice President – Operations

W/ro Bethlehem Getachew

Vice President – Corporate Services

Ato Shimellis Tesfaye

Director – Human Resource Operation and Development

Ato Dagmawi Kassahun

Director – Service Outlet and Standardization

Ato Beneyam Mesfin

Director – Marketing and Corporate Communication

W/ro Semenawit Abadi

Director – Strategy Development and Performance Management System

Ato Wale Yirga

Director – Resource Mobilization

Ato Bereket Teketel

Director – Business Development and Intelligence

W/ro Kidist Abraham

Director – International Banking Service

Ato Bayissa Melkessa

Director – Legal Service and Loan Recovery

Ato Kolcha Mega

Director – Credit Follow up and Portfolio Management

Ato Masresha H/Michael

Director – Corporate Customers  and Relationship

Ato Desalegn Fissehatsion

Director – Finance and Accounts

W/ro Elssa Ketema

Director – Facility Management

Ato Yared Aguade

Director – Engineering and Valuation

Ato Tesfaye Maru 

Director – Treasury and Investment

Ato Wossen Alemeye

Chief Information Officer

W/ro Sihen Tsige

Director – Internal Audit

Ato Anteneh Mekonnen

Director – Risk and Compliance Management

Ato Thomas Desalegn

Director – Transformation and Change Management



  • Quality service
  • Utmost respect to Customers
  • Innovation, Excellence and Progress
  • Integrity and Loyalty
  • Professionalism and Team spirit
  • Collaboration and Partnership
  • Public Confidence and trust
  • Fairness
  • Confidentiality



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