Our Philosophy Regarding Your Personal Financial Information

At Berhan Bank, we have a long history of respecting our customers’ expectation of privacy regarding personal financial information. We value the trust you place in us to protect your personal information. While new technologies have dramatically changed the way information is gathered, used and stored, preserving customer trust and the confidentiality of personal information at Berhan Bank remains a core objective.

We believe it is important to make clear to our customers how information is being used at Berhan Bank, the benefits such use provides, and the protections put in place against unauthorized access and use. We respect your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information, and we appreciate the opportunity to do business with you.


This Privacy Policy relates to the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Data by any member of the Berhan Bank (“BIB”, “we” or “our”). Personal Data is information relating to an individual (“you” or “your”).

Personal Data comprises all the details BIB holds or collects about you, directly or indirectly, your transactions, financial information, interactions and dealings with BIB, including information received from third parties and information collected through use of our website and our electronic banking services.



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