Social Responsibility

The evolving business, economic and social environment have led Berhan Bank to review and restate its vision and its core values, in a manner that will reflect the change the Bank has gone through in recent years. In a cross-organizational process – with the participation of managers and employees – the Bank’s vision was rephrased into one sentence: “To be a radiant and trustworthy bank in excellence.”

In addition to its business activities, Berhan invests extensive resources in developing and strengthening the country. Since its inception in 2009, Berhan Bank has contributed to the development and prosperity of the country and is an active participant in community activities.

Berhan supports education, culture, art, science, entrepreneurship and leadership, targeting youth and adolescents to help them make a breakthrough, fulfill their dreams and realize their potential. In so doing, Berhan ensures the fortitude and future of Ethiopia.

Berhan Bank places much importance on ecology and dedicates much effort and widespread resources to reducing its environmental effect.

imagesThe bank contributes Birr 2,000,000.00 for the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam.

image-0-02-04-126fbb9c8f57b17187970b45c9f3260cc1b716ffd1415d1c16723f54cf582757-vThe bank contributes Birr 1,000,000.00 for the victims of land slide at “Koshie village”.



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