Durable Consumer Loans

Are you planning to acquire a home? Are you a home owner interested in renovating and improving it? Or furnish it buying household equipment or furniture? Then approach one of Berhan’s nearby branches or the Head office to request for Durable consumer Loan that fits your needs.

Berhan Bank’s consumer loan facilitates the purchase of household equipment and furniture, which have a use life of more than one year against mortgage/pledge of building or vehicle.

Documentation Requirements

– Letter from employer confirming the employment status and duration, monthly basic salary and deductions of the applicant and/ or his/her spouse, if applicable.

– Proof of identity and residence – Identity Card (Residential or employment), driving license or passport (all renewed).

– Proof of marital status.
– Financial documents:

– For salaried individuals: latest salary slip showing statutory / all deductions or declaration from employer giving details of income and deductions or dully signed by an authorized signatory of the company or latest acknowledged income tax return, or

– For self employed individuals: Financial Statements or Commercial Credit Reports and copies of Income Tax Returns for the latest two years.

– Tax clearance in the name of the guarantor if he/ she is licensed and/or engaged in business activity.

– Tax Identification Certificate in the names of the borrower, the spouse and the guarantors, if any.




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